Monday, 21 June 2010


La bête - 1975

Dutch Release
The Beast, Death's Ecstacy

I had this post planned out for the last few days, a nice offensive Dutch re-titling by EVC, but then this beauty came into my inbox and I had to share it. It has to be one of the more inventive sleeves I've seen.

The Dutch have done it again. Who'd think of taking an innocent bit of pornography and drawing over the top of it. But not just any old dooldes over the top, oh no, the artist chose a rather revealing, well pointless, nightie  which he may as well not botherd with as you can still EVERYTHING. But the pièce de résistance is the amazingly shit "Beast" hand. I also feel I should saying about the ladies eyebrows, they look like they're a monobrow except they're not. This sleeve has got it going on.

Thank you to Jonas for kindly letting me use this amazing sleeve.


  1. I recently saw the movie and it's a killer. Dunno if you saw it before Amy but it's hilarious and if those scenes were in any way drawn to the sleeve it would overrule this one by far.
    But this one is very baaaaaad as well! I gave it a 5 well earned stars!
    Keep up the good work Amy, there's alot of crap artwork out there;-)

  2. You wouldn't let me have this one...I asked about it ages ago and you said it was too nasty.

  3. Haha......I think you're mixing things up! If your French is any good I will make you a copy ;-)


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