Sunday, 18 December 2011

The (oh so very) Lame

The Game - 1984
UK Release
The Cold

Plot based on a classic,superior film: check.
Budget DVD release: check.
Made in the 1980s: check.
Poor rating and reviews on IMDb: check.
God awful artwork with barely any relation to film: CHECK!

Here with have The Game (aka House on Haunted Hill remake no.947), a film so bad it it's been rated a mere 3.0 out of 10 on IMDb. So you can't polish a turd, but whoever did this artwork obviously wasn't even going to try.
Ok, so I haven't watched it myself and maybe the film it's self isn't that awful, but this sleeve is making me want to take a hammer to the tape, not pop it in the VCR and sit back and enjoy.
To quote some of the reviews:

"The characters are some of the worst actors ever to be put on film"

"Production values and acting are without question of a pornographic movie standard"

"Most scenes are merely an excuse to focus the camera on various female body parts including an opening dance number that is a crossover of American Bandstand meets geriatric aerobics complete with hookers.  If there was any hesitation that white people can't dance this scene hammers the final nail in that coffin."

Going by the reviews I read you'd think this film would trade off it's "sex appeal", bit of tit on the sleeve, make it look sexy!
I'm not sure what to make of any of the motley crew on the cover. Wishy-washy skeleton/puff of smoke man with a bat's face is odd but not exactly shit-yer-pants scary nor are the smug threesome with their chin operated puppet people! If anyone could explain to me why on earth the artist didn't just put some hands in over having the strings look like they're attached at the jaw, then please do!
Still Nice to see David Schwimmer was getting work as an artist's model before he found fame in Friends.

I also felt the need to draw attention to shockingly bad DVD artwork.

One word: SPUNKY!


Thanks to Gavin for the scan.


  1. Odd that I would check in on the very day you leave a new post. Are you back?


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