Thursday, 8 July 2010

Ramming it down your throat

Rambox - 1988

Greek Release

Ramb-ooh: The Sex Platoons

Where do I start? The naked woman only has one tit and one of her upper arms is worryingly short. The other woman in the background is prancing around mid air in a fucking war zone! She might have both her tits but ones vastly bigger than the other.
Considering this is for a Rambo porno spoof, it's really not sexy.

Also, happy belated birthday to Sly Stallone, who turned 64 on July 6.(

This sleeve and many more wonderful sleeves can be found on Raro VHS


  1. Hey, this is RAMB-OH, starring Peter North and Candy Evens!
    I rented it when it was released in the late 80s (with the right pic on the back of the sleeve above as cover art).
    I'm not proud.
    RAMBONE was even worse.

  2. It looks like it's a top quality film for all the family.

    Was it really really reaaaaally bad?

  3. For all the family...hahaha.....saturday night....having a coke and potatoe chips and watching at Peter North's dick suplying the dip sauce for the chips.....hehe.


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