Thursday, 29 July 2010

Crap poster artwork special - Part 2: Thailand

I love Thai posters just because they are so gaudy and loud and utterly crap. Here's a few choice posters for your visual displeasure.

Unknown film
2 words: Crochet & nightmare.

Crocodile Evil (???)
We've had a woman having sex with a cockroach and now we have one getting felt up by a crocodile...

A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors - 1987
This, frankly, scares the fucking crap out of me!

Erotic Hong Kong (????)
 If Elton John was a woman and from Hong Kong..well I'd put money on him looking like the lady in the poster.

For the Love of Benji - 1977
It has 2 cutesy dogs and a pink love heart with the words "I feel love" in it. WRONG WRONG WRONG!
Looking at this poster makes me do a little sick in my mouth, it's horrible!

Huafu The Luck Man (????)
More naked child weirdness. Why is he playing with his winky?

King Kong (????)
Proof that dinosaurs can make any film look a million times more cool(shit).

Krai Thong (2?) - 2001
Half man, half crocodile - all man raping weirdness!


Credits/disclaimer: Thanks to Cees for the disc. Sadly I am unable to locate the original owners of each poster and credit them personally. The contents of the discs were compiled from various online sources unknown to me.


  1. Fucking awesome Amy! your spicey comments :)

  2. That Dream Warriors poster is calling out to me.

  3. Eating young girls at night...There's something wrong with that. It really does scare the crap out of me that poster, it's horrible!


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