Sunday, 30 May 2010


   What Have They Done to Solange? - 1972
Dutch Release
Cosa avete fatto a Solange?

Just as through history there has been trends and periods of art, such as pop art or expressionism, the Dutch went through a period of producing airbrushed nightmares to grace there video sleeves. Almost a sister piece to the delightful "caniball girl".
So here we have a Dutch sleeve for an Italian Giallo film and yet when I look at it I see two quintessentially(look at me using big words!) British things, both to do with the Lady to the left of the front cover, whos nipples appear to be made from screws...

First thing is: Bacon Frazzles

A childhood favourite and cheap. But the real question is, why the f- has she got a bacon frazzle over her mouth? In this some kind of torture method? Maybe she really hates frazzles and now she can't open her mouth and scream for fear of it landing in her gob and her having to eat the bacon-esque corn based snack.

And number two: Jeremy Beadle

Check out her hands, which have been tied up, clear case of Beadle hand going on there.

And for thoes under the age of 20 or not too up on dead British tv presenters: Don't worry, the sleeve is so shit it defies cultural and geographical differences, i.e it's universally crap.

Thanks to Cees for the scan.

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