Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Smug mug.

Nightmare in a Damaged Brain - 1981
  UK release - 2002
Nightmare, Schizo

Why does the child to the right look so friggin' smug? Why does he look so pleased with himself? Anyone? I'm guilty of buying this because it looked like a really naff and nasty bit of horror and having not watched it yet, I have no idea what role the kid plays in the film. But I'm sure of this much, HE LOOKS SO DAMN SMUG! The rest of the sleeve is just your standard, boring, rubbish they trot out with many of these low-budget releases of video nasties and gore flicks. It's all fairly confusing and doesn't really sell the film, altho the back of the sleeve is marginally better with all the gorey pics. But I know this much, that little brat on the front is offensively smug looking.


  1. You should watch it! It's a great movie.

  2. It's 80s tho isn't it? I'm scared of the 80s...Been watching far too much 60s and 70s stuff, hehe!

  3. It's bloody! You should be scared ;-)

  4. I'm still not sure why I ever bought it! That kid really does piss me off.

  5. I really love this one! That kid's got good reason to be smug, as you'll find out...


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