Wednesday, 29 September 2010



Found out today that the lovely blog was featured in The Gurdian newspaper's saturday TV Guide. Check out the internet page and the blog roll down the side, both Crap Video Artwork and CultVHS get a mention.
I'm a very pleased and shocked and really annoyed that due to technology failing me I can't post up a shit sleeve to celebrate, but soon I'll get the scan up.....thank you to whoever edits that page in the newspaper...and thanks to everyone who has supported the blog from the start......FUCKING HELL!

Saturday, 25 September 2010

If there is a god....he's a right bastard!

They say it never rains as much as it pours and after last weeks facebook drama my computer died on me.....typical.

Thankfully most of my sleeve scans were backed up and only a few lost, so as soon as I get back online I'll start posting again, until then, keep the faith and keep watching crap horror films with even worse sleeves!


Wednesday, 15 September 2010

I'm not a happy bunny

Due to Facebook being mindless, humourless, arseholes of the highest order my account has temporarily been disabled, which in turn means the blog's Facebook page has all but bloody vanished....
Obviously the blog was alive before it went on facebook and it's no excuse for the lack of up-dates beyond the fact all my spare time has been spent e-mailing the sods or seething with rage.
Hopefully normality can be restored and all the fans on the facebook page aren't gone and I can get the old blog back on track.

To all keep you going until I can sit down and sort out a nice proper crap entry, here's a little something for you....

Check out these heavy metal dreamboats.

Thanks to Paul Higson for the scan.

edit: It's all back and running in order, there must be a god. :D
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